A downloadable game for Windows

A REALLY short and easy Roguelike. Made for a class in Design Pattern usage Pedro Caetano and Nuno Barreto were attending. Features procedurally generated content, no sound and extreme modabilty (just edit our .xml files).

Yeah I know those aren't very exciting features. Here, have a plot. That might make up for your lost time.

Yar was a Nullmonster like all the others - spending his days roaming around the dungeon and wiggling around keeping it free of dust and dusty adventurers. According to at least 15 of his 20 parents, Yar and his fellow Nullmonsters were created to safeguard an ancient artifact in the deepest reaches of their dungeon. One day, Yar decided he was tired of his quiet, boring life. He freaked out and went to search for this artifact. You play a poltergeist directing his actions through a keyboard.

Install instructions

Extract, go into bin folder and launch yar.exe


ReleaseMk2.zip 568 kB