A downloadable thing for Windows

Small sound visualization experiment. Will update it occasionally with more features.

Credits where they are due

The included songs are from the cool guys at "The Spin Wires", check them out at www.spinwires.com

What is this

Hi, I made this in my spare time mostly to have a place to dump a few shader experiments and do something besides games.

Interactivity is a bit limited to a really basic music player and pretty effects.

You can add more music by dropping it into "SoundVisualizer_Data/StreamingAssets". The supported formats are Ogg and Wav.

Source Code should be coming out soon when I'm no longer embarrassed of sharing it.

What breaks this?

DUE TO LIMITATIONS WITH UNITY I'M AFRAID I CAN'T IMPORT MP3 FILES ( https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/WWWAudioE... ). Yeah, it's a bummer. I can't think of any workaround that won't involve basically making a new sound engine.

Install instructions

Just unzip it and run SoundVisualizer.exe


SoundVizMk3.zip 59 MB